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Computerized eye testing

Avail counseling for computerized spectacle fitting. Choose from international brands collection

  • Powered Sun glasses
  • UV protection lenses
  • Budget spectacles
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Lenses and Frames

Diagnostics & complete eye exam

For Fundus Florescein Angiography, allergic reactions, spectacle correction & contact lenses

  • Gonioscopy
  • A-Scan Biometry
  • B-Scan ultrasound
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Lenses and Frames

Surgical treatments by laser procedure

Undergo Retinal & Vitreous surgeries, Laser surgeries, DCR and Injury repairs.

  • Phaco surgery for cataracts
  • Surgery for very high myopia
  • Glaucoma surgeries
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Lenses and Frames
Best Optometrist

Welcome To DMEH

Best Optometrists in town are ready to help you!

At DMEH we believe your vision is ours. We have the best optometrists in the town available to give you the vision you have always wanted. DMEH is the place where excellence meets comfort. Our team of eye care specialists promises you the best eye-consultation experience. Adopt technology not just eyewear. Comprehensive eye health is a call away.

Medical award Medical Award
Dr. S.T. Murlidhar
At DMEH, visionary and humanitarian, brings you world class eye care services in Bhubaneswar.


See clearly. See freely. See the world through different eyes.


Our Great Doctors

We have best professional Team to Care your Eyes

Senior Doctor

Mr. S.T. Murlidhar

Dr.S.T. Murlidar is a visionary doctor and an unmatched humanitarian who treats you to view clear with utmost care. He is a doctor with extensive experience in treating injuries, diseases and deformities of the human eye. He has done his Masters in Surgery and has in-depth knowledge in utilizing scientific methods to solve complex problems.

Senior Doctor

Dr Reema Sarin

She is an experienced eye specialist who helps patients to improve eye health and functionality through preventative and corrective care. To her diversified educational background, she is a PhD degree holder in Life Science and Fellow in I.L.S., Bengaluru and has pursued Hospital Care Management from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

Why Choose Us?

We ensure high precision & clarity with our wide range of glasses & lenses at affordable prices

  • Know your eye!
    Are you risking your eyes? Remember eyes aren't just the window to your soul, they also offer a glipse into your health, so its better to know your eye. There are a number of things that your eyes try to tell you about your wellbeing. Changes in your eyes can signal vision problems, diabetes, stress and even detachment. Be sure to schedule a routine eye exam with our Vision Source doctor at DMEH.
  • What are common eye conditions that necessitate an eye exam?
    Does reading for hours or working at a computer cause you eyestrain? Does eyes can look bloodshot? Is it hard to see at night, especially while driving? Is it tough to see certain colors, or tell the difference between them? Do you lose the ability, despite good distance vision, to clearly see close objects and small print? Do you have blurred vision, eye pain, eye redness or light sensitivity? It's time to think about your eyes: Find us near you!
  • Why do you need an eye check-up routinely?
    How many doctors do you see on a regular basis? If you haven’t seen an eyecare professional in the last year, now it's high time to visit DMEH. More importantly, a comprehensive eye exam is a good way to get a glimpse of your overall health. Our eye doctors can look into your eyes and see the signs of chronic diseases, so it’s not just about making sure you can see—it’s how you see and how you want to keep seeing.
  • How To Put In Eye Drops?
    Eye drops are used to treat conditions like glaucoma and eye infections, allergies and dry eyes. Clean your hands and dry them. If you are wearing contact lenses, remove them. Either lie down or tilt your head back, & look up. Place two fingers on your face and gently pull down your eyelid. With another hand hold the bottle close to your eye. Squeeze lightly to instill one drop inside your lower lid. Gently close your eyes and tilt your head down for a few seconds.
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Consultation, Pre-Procedure, Treatment!


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Undergo the pre-procedure steps.

We aim to improve the outcome & make your experience with DMEH effective.


Get treatment from the best Doctors for your beautiful eyes.

Beat the blur with healthy eyes. Book an appointment now.

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